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The Venue Mission is designed for multiple users and is the ideal choice for applications across a broad spectrum of scenarios, from orchestral live performances to complex band monitor setups, smaller bands operating without designated monitor engineers, orchestral studio recording sessions and even speaking booths or ADR studios.

Performers can enjoy direct access to their tailored monitoring mixes while microphones and instruments inputs can be shared across the network, enabling remote control and monitoring by the PA mixer or recording engineer.

Enhancing Anubis’s extensive software range, the Venue Mission addresses the key concerns of professional musicians and audio technicians, offering powerful audio management and an unparalleled level of control through a user-friendly interface.

Crafted through progressive development and valuable insights from the live and touring industry, the Venue Mission stands firm on its three core principles: unparalleled comfort, unwavering reliability, and peak efficiency.

Note: this Trial version can only be activated once on a single device for 15 days.

Documentation: Anubis Venue Mission Appendix

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