Hapi Overview

Hapi is the son of Horus. It offers the same sonically transparent audio quality, flexibility and the same RAVENNA / AES67 connectivity as its father. Hapi is the perfect primary interface for smaller systems, a local stagebox in a large networked installation or where control room I/O is required.

Hapi Base Unit Features

Modular by Design

Build a Hapi unit to fit your exact needs by adding from range of analog and digital option cards. Put small amount of inputs and outputs in various locations, or load 16 channels of analog I/O in a single unit. Digital I/O conversion and routing can also be managed in this compact unit. Flexibility and power in any form you need.

Base Unit - Hardwired Features

Digital I/O

  • 8 AES/EBU I/O (D-SUB)
  • 8 ADAT / 2 SPDIF (Switching)
  • RAVENNA / AES67 (RJ45)
  • Word Clock I/O

Synchronization I/O

  • LTC
  • MIDI
  • Video Reference

Sample Rate support

  • 44.1 – 384 kHz PCM
  • DXD and DSD64/128/256

User Interface

  • Remote control over LAN (CAT5E/CAT6)
  • Direct access on unit with rotary control

Redundant Power Options:

  • Optional DC power input to be used as a redundant or alternate power source

2 Option slots that fit any combo of:

  • 8 Channel Mic/Line Input Card (AD8D / AD8DP)
    • AD8D sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
    • AD8DP sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
  • 8 Channel Mic/Line Input Card (AKD8D / AKD8DP)
    • AKD8D sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
    • AKD8DP sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
  • 8 Channel Line Out Card (DA8/DA8P)
    • DA8 Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
    • DA8P sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
  • 8 Channel Mic/Line Input & 8 Channel Line Out Card (ADA8)
    • Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
  • 64 Channels of Pro Tools HD™ connectivity in each card (PT64)
    • Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
  • The left slot may be fitted with 64 I/O MADI coaxial/optical module (MADM/MADS)
Note: P and “non-P” cards (Premium and Standard) can be mixed in the same unit
Horus Quality, Hapi Size.

Able to hold both the standard and premium analog cards from the Horus means that Hapi owners get the exact same sound that Horus users have been winning awards with for many years.

AES67 Built-in

Using RAVENNA (AES67 compatible), Hapi is able to provide flexible connectivity of every single input and output across standard networks, using off-the-shelf network equipment. The future is most definitely networked audio, and Hapi provides it today.

Read more about RAVENNA

AC or DC power... Proper Rock and Roll.

With a choice of AC or DC power supplies, Hapi is able to be powered from standard power sources and from battery packs and "wall warts" as well! Implemented for a variety of reasons, from sound quality concerns to what is available on site, this was a huge request from our user base for Hapi

Completely Controlled over LAN

Hapi is designed to fit into hard to reach places. So, Hapi comes with the same web-browser based control interface allowing any web-enabled device to access all the parameters of each Hapi unit over the network. ANEMAN can easily manage AoIP networks of any size.