Your passport to the networked audio world:

Unlock the power of your RAVENNA or AES67 hardware from any Mac OS X software program.

The Merging Technologies RAVENNA/AES67 STANDARD Virtual Audio Device edition is free of charge and intended for owners of any RAVENNA and/or AES67 multi-cast device.
Apple's Core Audio is a standardized audio system for all Macintosh computers running on Mac OS X allowing access to all Core Audio compatible Audio Devices.
Merging owners of a Horus or Hapi Networked Converter get access to the additional features of the PREMIUM version. See here for details on the difference between the STANDARD and PREMIUM versions

macOS AES67 & RAVENNA virtual audio device


  • RAVENNA latency can be set to 48 (AES 67) samples
    Note: effective latency depends on Application buffer size
  • The Virtual Audio Device can be used as default Audio Device and System (alert) Device.
  • Mac Parental Controls and Security Firewall should be switched OFF
  • Numbers of inputs and outputs available @ 1fs (44.1kHz / 48kHz) = 64 I/O
    Note: The number of I/Os could be less if the application does not support these numbers

Want more I/Os or higher sampling rates?

If you decide you want more I/Os and/or higher sampling rates, contact your closest Merging Sales Partner for details on Horus/Hapi and the PREMIUM version of the RAVENNA/AES67 Virtual Audio Device.

Free Download

Simply fill in and submit the form below and you will recieve a temporary link giving you access to the Merging Technologies' RAVENNA/AES67 Standard Virtual Audio Device download page.

The RAVENNA/AES67 Premium Virtual Audio Device download is also downloadable freely but will only work with our own hardware, i.e. Horus & Hapi converters

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