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  • September 25th 2020
    4:00 pm CET
    4:45 pm CET

    ANEMAN, your virtual patch for Merging products. How to use it ?

    Platform: YouTube

    Webinar Link: https://youtu.be/EC6FmAWiIRM

    ANEMAN is the tool that helps you to connect your hardware device such as Anubis, Hapi or Horus to your DAW. It is your patch bay on which you can create “logical zones” or “sample rate zones” to structure the requirements for every studio or room. How to save and recall such configurations and much more. It will be based on a Q&A webinar where Dennis Gaines from Independent Audio will ask questions that he gets asked regularly, nevertheless, you may ask your own via the chat. Length approx. 45 minutes

    Maurice Engler, Product Manager / Specialist
    Dennis Gaines, USA distributor / Merging Specialist