Control Surfaces

Being able to edit and mix with ergonomically designed interfaces allows faster and better results than simply using mouse and keyboard. Check out the list of approved control surfaces below to find out which is the perfect one for your studio.

For more details on each controller, see this list of supported controllers on our Knowledge base.

OASIS/EUCON Enabled Control Surfaces

OASIS (Open Audio System Integration Solution) is an open source remote control protocol, designed to bring the entire DAW application out onto a remote interface. Going way beyond mixer-only control, users of OASIS enabled control surfaces can Edit, Record, Mix, Master and completely integrate between their hardware and software.

AVID EUCON support in Pyramix/Ovation is the fruit of a tight interaction between Avid and Merging Technologies to offer a proper solution to take the control of the Merging's software. This is achieve via an OASIS-EUCON bridge which is constantly maintained to bring the latest features available through EUCON.

For more details on each controller, see this list of supported controllers on our Knowledge base.

  • AVID | S6, S3, Artist Series, MCPro

AVID EUCON enabled Surfaces provide an incredible opportunity to control almost every single edit and mix parameter available in Pyramix. Users can enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose from any of the range of EUCON enabled controllers, making it the perfect solution for any budget.

Check out the AVID Website here.

  • Stagetec | Aurus

The ultimate multi-purpose console from industry-acclaimed manufacturer, StageTec, Aurus is now enabled with the flexibility to Pyramix or Ovation directly from the console surface. Available with the most recent Aurus software, OASIS support is guranteed to speed up the workflow for anyone using the combination of Merging software and StageTec hardware.

Find out more about Aurus here.

MIDI/HUI Enabled Control Surfaces

Able to offer a whole host of mixing capabilities using standard MIDI connections and a very matured protocol, Pyramix with HUI and MIDI control means that any console with a 'Remote' function is more than capable of addressing all the main mixing parameters available.

For more details on each controller, see this list of supported controllers on our Knowledge base.

  • AMS-Neve | 88RS, DFC Gemini, Aquarius, MMC and Libra Post

The Star Command, available with the latest generation of the acclaimed Encore software, Encore Plus, is available for the entire range of AMS Neve consoles including 88RS, DFC Gemini, Aquarius, MMC and Libra Post. Start Command implements the OASIS standard which gives tight and comprehensive control over Pyramix workstations. Multiple DAWs can be controlled from a single desk.

Find out more about Neve Consoles here.

  • GLW - Harrison | Trion, MPC

IKISdirect™ allows Harrison users to map and control the channels of various DAWs directly to the console surface as profile/layers in addition to controlling channels from the console engine. For example: Harrison's IKIS Control Platform will interface directly with Merging's own OASIS protocol, allowing tracks in Pyramix to be brought up onto the Harrison console surface for fader, switch, and knob control with real-time metering and display of parameters. The integration will also include remote control of record and monitoring features. Harrison's unique Profile feature allows on-the-fly configuration intermixing DAW control strips among regular console channels. Consoles fitted with Harrison's new PreView™ Waveform displays will present in-line waveforms of DAW

Find out more about Harrison Consoles here

  • Mackie | MCU PRO AND XT PRO

Check out the Mackie website here.

  • Studer | Vista series

Check out the Studer website here.

  • Yamaha | DM-2000, DM-1000, 02Rv2, 02R96, 02R96v2, 01V96

Check out the Yamaha website here.

  • Tascam | DM-3200, FW-1884, US-2400

Check out the Tascam website here.

  • SSL | AWS-9xx

Check out the SSL website here.

  • AMS-Neve | Genesys

Check out the AMS-Neve website here.

  • Radikal Tech | SAC2.2 / SAC2k