Video Tutorials

Below are a comprehensive set of training videos that should get new users of Ovation familiar with how to operate and design shows for almost any purpose. However, if you want new explanations to be added to this page, please contact us and let us know what you need.

For aditional information and how-to articles about Ovation, check our Knowledge Base

Ovation Training

Starting a New Show

How to start a new show in ovation media server and sequencer.

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Interface Overview

Overview of the Ovation Media Server and Sequencer interface

  • where to find tools
  • how to lock windows in the UI
  • saving as a template.

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Saving the Show

Description of the different saving methods in Ovation and why you might want to use them

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Types of Cue Lists

Looking through the different types of cue lists in Ovation Media Server and Sequencer

  • Standard Cue lists
  • Timed Cue Lists
  • Hot Key Cue Lists
  • Custom Cue Lists
  • Browser and Hot Browser Cue Lists

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Show Modes

How to use the different show modes in Ovation Media Server and Sequencer

  • Configure Mode
  • Init Show
  • Show Start
  • Pause Show

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Active Cue Window

Using the Acitve Cue Window

  • basic editing
  • adding markers
  • using the transport commands
  • Cue pinning and locking

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Cue Properties

Using the Cue Properties

  • changing basic settings
  • audio properties
  • adding control information
  • embedding midi files
  • opening mic channels
  • adding GPO triggers
  • adding TCP/IP information
  • remote control of firing from MIDI and TCP/IP

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Cue List Properties

Using and changing Cue List Properties

  • general settings
  • timed cue list properties
  • hot key list properties
  • custom keys properties

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Show Properties

Setting up the show properties for use in Ovation shows.
Highlights the fine points of what to set and how to set it.

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Ovation with TimeCode

How to use Timecodes to run Ovation shows or parts of them

  • Setting the show to chase timecode
  • timed cue lists
  • time of day chasing versus External TC chase.

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Interaction Rules

Description in detail of how to apply the interaction rules in Ovation Media Server and Sequencer.

  • Setting Rules to Cues, Cue List, the whole show and markers in cues
  • Setting conditional rules
  • Setting multiple rules to a single cue

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Audio Gain Matrix

Description of why and how to use the Audio Gain Matrix in Ovation Media Server and Sequencer.

  • setting matrix size
  • setting groups
  • applying Direct Out setup the the Ovation mixer

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Loading VST plugins into Ovation

A quick video on using the VST scanner to load VST plugins into the Ovation system.

There is no sound on this as it is simply a tiny informational video.

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DIM Function

Using the DIM function in Ovation to auto-change the level of cues playing back when another cue is fired.

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All Settings: Show Specific Settings

A description of the settings which need to be checked when a show is being setup. these settings are the only ones in the All Settings window that are saved with the show itself and not the Application.

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