VS3 & VST Plugins

Having access to your plugin toolset and being able to use them without limit is a must for today's workstation culture. Pyramix has support for both the Merging Audio Engine (VS3) and the industry standard VST, including VST3. This means that you instantly have access to virtually every single plugin available today.

For information on what plugins are included in which software packs, see the Pyramix Packs Plugin list on our knowledge base.

Pyramix Feature Plugins

Pyramix contains a number of plugins, including a whole host of dynamics and other effects. But some of these are so instrumental in showing the way in which Pyramix can work that they warrant a special highlight in the section below.

PanNoir - Advanced Panning Plugin

In any recording where more than 1 microphone is used to record a source, PanNoir provides a completely unique solution to correcting the phase error that will exist. Able to correct for the difference between stereo close and stereo room mics with an incredibly simple to use interface has completely changed what is possible to achieve in any mix situation.


Merging's VoiCode VST plugin, co-developed with Swissaudec, is the first professional real-time mono to stereo upmix. Patented on a worldwide scale and winning five international awards, including the World Intellectual Property Organization Award 2009, this new technology is finally cracking a base problem in electroacoustics: How to interpolate a stereo position for multiple sounds in a mono recording and adjust the correlation between them in real-time.

Pyramix Core Plugins

Containing all of the standard "must haves" for any engineer, Pyramix Core plugins provide professional, mastering-grade eq's dynamics and other effects for use in every type of day to day operation.

Click here to download the PDF for Pyramix Core Plugins

Flux VS3 Plugins

One of the world's most respected and well used plugin bundles (and for good reason!), Flux has a special set of bundled plugins in both VS3 and VST formats for use within Pyramix.

  • Alchemist v3
  • BitterSweet v3 (free of charge)
  • BitterSweet Pro v3
  • Elixir v3
  • Epure v3
  • IRCAM Tools - Verb Session
    (Comes with the Pyramix PRO pack)
  • IRCAM Tools - Verb
    (Comes with the Pyramix PREMIUM pack)
  • Pure Range Dynamics Processing
    • Pure Compressor v3
    • Pure DCompressor v3
    • Pure Expander v3
    • Pure DExpander v3
    • Pure Limiter v3
  • Solera v3
  • Syrah v3

Cedar VS3 Plugins

CEDAR for Pyramix 64 comprises six advanced modules that allow users to eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve the sound quality of their audio. Each process within these has been derived from our multi-award-winning CEDAR Studio and CEDAR Cambridge flagships, and provides unsurpassed results, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss and user intervention.

As well as offering improvements in other modules, the latest version delivers all of the benefits of the latest machine learning and AI capabilities of Retouch 8™ to the Pyramix platform.

Click here to check out the Cedar for Pyramix 64 website

Plugins available:

VB Audio VS3 Plugins

The French wizard of the plugin world, Vincent has produced a dynamics and metering tool kit in VS3 format as an optional addition to any Pyramix pack.

Click here to read more about the VB Audio plugins

Plugins available:
  • Aphro Reverb
  • C10-Limiter
  • Chorus
  • C-Limiter
  • EQpro-Pack
  • Compressor Series
  • Stereo-Manager
  • Striptools
  • Tone-X / SculpturA Pack
  • VU-Meter + Cor
  • Stereo- Oscilloscope
  • Frequency Analyser
  • Graphic EQ Series I
  • Monoswitcher
  • Multi-Tap

Algorithmix VS3 Plugins

The company that brought you the MPEX4 and Dirac TCEX/Pitch tools has also designed a ReNOVAtor, De-noise and a Decrackle tool for Pyramix in VS3 format. These real-time or render plugins are a must for any workflow.

Click here to check out the Algorithmix website

Plugins available:
  • Real-time ReNOVAtor
  • Real-time Denoise
  • Real-time Decrackle