Providing the most compact, adaptable, and user-friendly solution for Dolby Atmos mixing.

Jumping into the amazing Dolby Atmos adventure means building an ecosystem that can prove costly, complex and bulky.

We provide the most compact, adaptable and user friendly solution for Dolby Atmos mixing regardless of your DAW.


Get up to speed in no time with a single bundle

Including essential features such as room calibration for Anubis, monitoring engine, DA for speaker outputs (and more), and a Dolby-approved AES67 driver for Renderer/DAW integration.

Surround and Atmos Support


  • SoundID Reference MICROPHONE

  • SoundID Reference for Multichannel SOFTWARE

  • SoundID Reference ANUBIS PLUGIN

Surround and Atmos Support



Surround and Atmos Support

DA for Speaker Outputs (and more)


    • incl 2x DA8 cards for 16 line outputs

    • incl 2x breakout cables

Surround and Atmos Support

DOLBY APPROVED AES67 driver for renderer/DAW

  • MERGING Virtual Audio Device (VAD)

One of the things the Anubis has allowed me to do is incorporate Sonarworks directly into the interface...

- Nic Hard, Snarky Puppy -

…the ability to calibrate an Atmos system in 20 minutes was invaluable.

- Nic Hard, Snarky Puppy -


Everything you need at your fingertips

No-compromise 9.1.6 / 7.1.4 immersive audio package from Merging Technologies.


Automatic Calibration ...

Dolby Atmos Monitoring means calibration. We provide the fastest route to a tuned room thanks to our partnership with Sonarworks.

With the provided microphone and SoundID Reference for multichannel software, let the software guide you through a measurement of your room issue.

Adjust the desired target curve in the SoundID Reference software (Flat, Dolby Music, custom, translation checks) and export each correction profiles to your Anubis.

The correction is now running directly within Anubis for the lowest latency, maximum consistency and convenience.



Are you an experimented audio engineer and prefer to calibrate the room by yourself of with a Dolby consultant?

No problem, we have the tools for the trade with Anubis built in delays, trims and 336 EQ bands.



Merging Anubis is a comprehensive monitoring engine.

With its 128 channels of input, it can be used to monitor a huge variety of incoming stems in so many formats, over as many speaker sets as required.

Speaker controls, down mixing and routing to cue mixes is of course part of the limitless capabilities Anubis brings.

Anubis Reliable

Reliable controls where you need them

The monitoring engine is the central piece where your mix connects to your listening equipment. This is where you decide what and how you want to listen.

Having it at the immediate control of your hands and keeping it highly visible to your eyes is paramount in order to make the right judgments on your mix. Furthermore Anubis is so compact it will just fit nicely along your production tools.

Whether you are mixing with your mouse or on faders, we provide direct monitoring control and feedback where needed. Controls are directly on the monitoring engine (Anubis) and are not going through any network nor rely on any DAW computer to be up and running.

So you can rest assured that your monitoring system is under control, literally under the palm of your hand and regardless of your workstation’s health.

Anubis Headphones Built-in

Built in headphones and mic pres

Right in front of you, exactly where you need them most, Anubis provides you with two of our best headphones outputs.

The Hapi MkII also comes with its own headphones output.

Any headphones output can be fed individually from the Anubis with dedicated cue mixes.

Whether you need to monitor your Dolby Atmos binaural mix along with your client, or feed a low latency cue mix to an actor for ADR or musician for tracking, the Merging Atmos bundle is a complete system including built in talkback mic, circuitery and control.

Anubis built in mic pres and ADs are also of Merging Technologies acclaimed quality and will allow you to record anything with no compromise.

VAD Connectivity


Dolby Atmos renderers traditionally come in Dante or MADI packages. While those provide lowest latency, they mean expansion chassis and costly cards are needed. Audio and Dolby Atmos metadata also needs to be managed separately on different routes meaning a steeper learning curve for creatives who aren’t used to that level of IT.

Dolby has now officially qualified our VAD AES67 driver which makes the Silicon Mac running Merging VAD the simplest and most powerful of Dolby Atmos renderers.

VAD also is your friend to interconnect your DAW to Anubis.

IO Flexibility


Hapi MkII can be stacked to infinite numbers to provide your studio with additional I/O such as MADI, AES, Analog, or even digilink for infinite expandability at a very competitive price.

One single Hapi MkII equipped with 2x PT64 cards can host 128 channels of digilink for an HDX2 system.

Just add another Hapi MkII with a PT64 card and you can host a HDX3 system.


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