For Any Digital Audio Workstation

Pyramix & Ovation users are of course our first love, but we are also able to offer any DAW or NLE user the opportunity to take advantage of RAVENNA/AES67! Whether you are on Windows OS or macOS you can use the MAD multi-ASIO and WDM monitoring driver (RAVENNA support) or the Virtual Audio Device (RAVENNA & AES67 support) respectively.

Merging RAVENNA/AES67 solutions

In very small boxes (2U, 1U and table-top), Horus, Hapi and Anubis provide some of the most sonically pristine audio I/O, professional-grade synchronisation I/O and a flexible and intuitive routing matrix and digital format converter all wrapped together in an interface which can be accessed from any web-enabled device.

All of these boxes also come standard with RAVENNA / AES67 connectivity. In the most basic of terms, what this means for the end user is that once you plug a Horus, Hapi or Anubis into your studio network, you can then pick up any input and output from the unit on any other DAW on that same network.

  • Owners of a Merging networked device get access to the additional features of the Premium version, without need for any additional key. Just having a Merging device on the network will automatically enable the Premium mode for VAD (no need to purchase a VAD Standard or Premium key).
  • Owners of a non-Merging RAVENNA/AES67 networked device can purchase a key to activate VAD. There are two versions available: VAD STANDARD and VAD PREMIUM.

Note: Apple's Virtual Audio Device (CoreAudio) is a standardized audio driver system for all Mac computers running on macOS allowing access to all CoreAudio compatible audio interfaces.

RAVENNA/AES67¹ Virtual Audio Device Specifications:
VAD Merging 2023

The RAVENNA/AES67 Virtual Audio Device (VAD) can be downloaded here.

Windows OS

Note: The MAD (Merging Audio Device) driver is a multi-ASIO driver which also includes WDM monitoring. The precedent, legacy, RAVENNA ASIO driver is also available.

Merging Audio Device (MAD) driver Specifications:
Merging Audio Device (MAD) driver

The Merging Audio Device (MAD) multi-ASIO driver or the legacy Merging RAVENNA ASIO driver can be downloaded here.