Luxor Media Network Server

In today's era of ultra-fast production cycles and communication tools, engineers, producers and customers alike, want to see and hear their work at the speed of light.

This is just what Luxor has to offer.

Luxor with VCube systems

The Luxor Media Server, with its high performance design, provides you with a wealth of connectivity and storage feature options, capable of accommodating any audio and/or video facility's requirements. Luxor is equally at ease driving large external RAID arrays or internally managed media drives. It can offer push/pull and streaming services to numerous Pyramix VCube Ovation and 3rd Party workstations across all common Unix, Apple or Windows networking file systems.

With ease of use, extended compatibility, future proof expandability and security built at the core of the system, Luxor is the perfect solution for any and all needs of high-profile media networking.

Luxor with Pyramix and VCube systems


  • Compatible with Unix, Apple and Windows based file systems
  • Storage alternatives ranging from internal SATA2, SSD RAID to external Fiber Channel, SATA2, iSCSI, Serial SCSI or 1394b options
  • Compatible with Merging Technologies and 3rd party audio and video workstations and servers
  • Gb Ethernet ready, or optional 803.2ad, Fiber Channel and 10Gb
  • Operates under Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • On-board dual layer cd/dvd or BlueRay drive for back up and file export
  • Optional back up on internal or external drive bays or tape libraries
  • Intel i7 or Xeon based multi-core system
  • RAID1, mirrored SSD system drives