DXD Captures The Magic of Mahler

Largest DXD recording to date with Horus and Pyramix

Oslo, February 2014: LAWO Classics is a highly respected specialist recording label from Norway. Not to be confused with a well known audio console manufacturer, Vegard LAndaas and Thomas WOlden have just recorded their most ambitious project to date. Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by their new Chief Conductor, Vasily Petrenko. The venue was the impressive Oslo Konserthus with a sell out audience of 1400 in attendance. Spectacular performances of this kind need the best possible audio quality, so Merging Technologies Pyramix and Horus Networked Audio Converters were the obvious choice and LAWO’s Thomas Wolden decided that 48 tracks of DXD (24 bit/352.8 kHz) was optimum for this concert. The final result will be issued in the Spring on SACD and Hi-Res Download.

Two Horus converters were used, the first handled the suspended microphones and the second was placed on-stage to take the feeds from the microphones in the orchestra. In the control room, Pyramix with MassCore was being controlled by an Avid MC Control and MC Mix. A DirectOut Producer.com handled the monitoring, red light, talkback and headphones with a custom built MADI sampling rate converter to convert from 352.8 to 176.4 kHz. The monitoring was provided by Sennheiser HD800 headphones and PSI A21 active loudspeakers.

Microphones in the hall were a mixture of Neumann, Schoeps and Sennheiser with three Neumann TLM50 omnidirectional mics mounted on a Grace Design Decca Tree. Top quality condenser microphones need the best quality mic pres and the choice of Horus ensured that this was the case. "We were absolutely amazed by the sound we heard from Horus. Compared with other systems we have used the dynamic reproduction was so detailed. It was free of any harmonic distortion and the extremely low noise floor was very noticeable on the pianissimo sections." These comments from experienced producer, Vegard Landaas, echo the comments received from so many of the most discerning recording teams worldwide. Thomas Wolden added: "This transparency coupled with the advantages of recording in DXD achieved the result we were dreaming of. Memorable performances demand this level of quality and Merging has provided the tools yet again."

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