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  • May 20th 2021

MERGING+ANUBIS Music Mission Released

Innovation and quality in a fully-featured low latency mixer

The Music Mission has landed after an intensive period of beta testing with an international roster of leading musicians, engineers and producers. The original claim of being able to optimize the feature set by loading different software has been fully realized. The Music Mission can be downloaded by existing users free of charge and all new orders will be shipped with both Music and Monitor Missions loaded. When switching on the unit, choosing the Mission is a press of the touch screen and either loads the highly-praised and versatile monitor controller or if you select the Music Mission, an up to 48 input/24 output, low latency mixer with multiple effects appears.

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  • March 8th 2021

Merging Technologies Announces Hapi MkII

Following a record quarter of sales of the original Hapi

The core of Hapi MKII is the powerful ZMAN processor featured in MERGING+ANUBIS and this allows for individual channel-based routing and the other important enhancements to the headphone performance and DA control. The headphone amplifier now monitors full DSD256 material with volume control from the front panel and, as with Anubis, it is now capable of driving ultra-low to very high impedance headphones.

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Use Cases

Doug Mitchell

San Francisco Opera - USA

Merging’s RAVENNA infrastructure helps to keep productions going

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  • June 23rd 2021
  • Horus, Pyramix, Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Doug Mitchell, San Francisco Opera, RAVENNA, Hapi MkII, Opera, Drive-in

Harald Gericke

Platin Media Productions - Germany

Producing Schiller's Dolby Atmos Mix of the “Berlin Moskau” concert with Pyramix, Anubis and Hapi

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  • May 5th 2021
  • MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Schiller, Harald Gericke, Dolby Atmos, Berlin Moskau concert, Pyramix