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VCube Versatility Verified By Videotime

  Mediaset’s News Operation Choses Merging’s VCube Again

Amsterdam 9th, September 2011: Videotime has purchased five VCube™ HD units for the main news centre in Rome. These will be used in conjunction with Apple Mac Pros loaded with Windows 7 OS and Final Cut Pro with custom software from Merging Technologies. In tests prior to confirming the order, both programs were extremely stable and the VCube allowed complex audio manipulation. File access is via Fiber Channel to networked SUN servers and this whole system replaced traditional Betacam tape editing to dramatically increase workflow throughput.

This is the second significant order from the Mediaset Group who had previously installed five VCube SD units in the Milan 2 Centre for use in the news contribution editing area. These were used under RS422 control as virtual VTRs. Experience showed that access via ftp was rapid and files of various formats loaded by journalists and web sources were easily edited and quickly rewrapped in MXF. The new VCubes were installed seamlessly and once again, demonstrated perfect RS422 control and total file flexibility.

Videotime’s Deputy General Manager of Research and Engineering, Mauro Cassanmagnago summarized: “We had a great experience in Milan and we were really impressed with Merging’s openness to customization and very quick software development. VCube is a very cost-effective HD video recorder and we will certainly continue to replace tape technology in various locations with this file based solution.”

“Mediaset always demand the best combination of price, features and reliability and once again, VCube backed by outstanding customer service from Merging won through.”; commented David Butterworth, Merging Technologies’ representative for Italy.

    Videotime’s Deputy General Manager of Research and Engineering, Mauro Cassanmagnago (right) with David Butterworth, Merging Technologies’ representative for Italy (left).

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