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  Merging Technologies Releases Pyramix Virtual Studio Version 7

Switzerland, September 2010: Merging Technologies present a step change in Digital Audio Workstation productivity at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam. Version 7 of Pyramix Virtual Studio from the Swiss masters of precision digital sound.

Pyramix 7 achieves levels of productivity undreamt of previously, thanks to a re-worked user interface, some indispensable additional features and a ground-up rebuild of the essential Media Management system. Realization of these design goals is the result of many man-years of intensive design and development.

Multi-channel tracks and new clear, intuitive Track Headers with direct access to effects controls enhance the Timeline. Automation curves are now colored for easy identification and new Automation sub-tracks enable multiple parameters to be displayed simultaneously.

A brand new Sample Rate Conversion module, HeptaCon, offers state-of-the-art processing in 64 bit float with the latest filters and dithering algorithms.

Media management and Library databases have been rebuilt completely. Now with lightning fast searches and sure-footed handling of even the largest and most complex projects in the Timeline, with varied codecs, sampling rates and bit depths, entirely transparent to the user. Advanced integration with the SoundMiner FX library and search tool further enhances media handling. Comprehensive and flexible Timeline reconform is a huge timesaver for sound-for-picture professionals.

Under the hood, the most powerful Audio Engine in the business has had a turbo boost. MassCore SMP can manage multiple dedicated processor cores for lower latency and massive mixers. Keeping up to date no longer requires heavy investment in new, dedicated DSP chips every year or two. By leveraging the ever increasing power of off-the-shelf Intel CPUs, upgrading has become an affordable exercise.

In the world of deliverables, it is increasingly important to be able to monitor levels according to a raft of international standards. With the new Final Check Metering option, Pyramix offers all the power and accuracy of expensive hardware metering, including ITU loudness, at a fraction of the usual cost.

With no fade files and no rendered files for gain changes, Pyramix does all this in real-time, meaning that any and all changes can be undone whenever required. There is virtually no limit to real-time operations.

Everyone familiar with Merging Technologies products already appreciates their outstanding audio quality, versatility and usability. Pyramix Version 7 builds on these foundations to provide an outstanding workstation for Film, TV Post, Radio, Live Music recording and many other applications.


Pyramix main application window   Pyramix main application window
Pyramix transport with a Bi-Phase and Sony machine attached   Pyramix transport with a Bi-Phase and Sony machine attached

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Switzerland’s Merging Technologies is the manufacturer of hardware and software systems for audio and video production professionals, including the high-resolution multichannel Pyramix digital audio workstation, VCube non-linear HD video playback system, and the Ramses MSC audio control surface. Merging’s products are used where reliability and the highest possible quality are of paramount concern. Their clients include some of the finest recording studios, broadcast facilities, post-production houses and film dubbing suites in the world.