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Scandinavian Round of Applause for Ovation

  Key sales in Norway and Sweden emphasise the flexibility of Ovation 3.0

Puidoux, January 24th 2012: Merging Technologies’ Ovation Media Server has been enthusiastically received in two very diverse locations in Scandinavia. A theatre and a theme park have discovered that Ovation can be programmed to their particular requirements and that this can be done with minimal training and maximum speed.

The Trøndelag Teater in Trondheim, Norway has just finished a sell-out run of the classic Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” or as the Norwegians call it “Et juleeventyr” using the Ovation Media Server and Sequencer as playout for all the show’s audio. Before the performance rehearsals began, all the theatre’s Ovation systems (2x MassCore and 2xNative) were upgraded to the new Ovation 3.0 software so that they were able to take advantage of all the new features now available. Use of the Audio Gain Matrix, Cue markers, enhanced interaction rules and the increased integration between Ovation and the Pyramix DAW editor were put to the test during the three weeks of design and rehearsals.

Siril Gaare from the audio team at the theatre had this to say about using Ovation 3.0 for the performance: “After some years using software I couldn’t trust, it was a relief to use Ovation on a show. The funny thing was; when the cues weren’t playing as we wanted, we thought that we had found a limitation. But, when we studied the interaction rules we had made for the cue, we discovered that we were able to program the rules differently and got it to work just the way we wanted! I liked the possibility to set a marker in the middle of a cue to fire the next cue, and also at the same time fade out the previous cue. You can set a bunch of rules for the cue to make it play exactly how you want. Also while we are in a rehearsal, the way we can work with Pyramix to edit the audio files fast and without having to render or mixdown, is something we have come to depend on. This is very important with theatre directors waiting for quick changes!”

The Gröna Lund Theme Park, close to Stockholm, has purchased and installed an Ovation Gold turnkey system as the theme parks new park-wide musical playback and announcement system. After a half-day of training, Vanje Ryge, the park’s technical manager, successfully designed and configured an Ovation show file with multiple functions including music playback for 24 different zones of the park, automated announcement playback at timed intervals, and manual override for live announcements via live inputs into the Ovation system. The park features thirty rides from the scary to the child friendly and is a major venue for live music, dance and children’s entertainment so flexibility is important.

“Up till now, the music system has been playing the same music and announcements in the entire park.” Stated Vanje Ryge; “With the Ovation software it is possible to differentiate what is played where, as it can play more channels than I need simultaneously and with different timings. So far it has performed exactly as it’s supposed to. As I don’t use the full potential of the system yet, many ideas that were impossible just last year will now be tested and probably implemented. The treatment I have received from both the dealer and from Merging Technologies has been excellent. They have taken care of installing and testing of my soundcard in the computer and I got training with a product specialist, on location with my own system.”

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