Merging Technologies Highlights

Merging has established a solid reputation in the audio pro world. We are a small company working hard to give our customers the highest quality tools available. Here are the highlights of what has contributed to this reputation.

High Resolution

Hi-Res Audio, DSD & DXD

Hi-Res Audio is often defined as “better than CD quality”. That is relatively easy to achieve but at Merging, we have always believed that technology should not interfere with the music. Therefore, pushing the boundaries of digital audio is in our DNA. Merging was one of the first companies to embrace the advantages of DSD and then to address the practical difficulties the format imposes, making it possible for anyone to enjoy its sonic advantage.

We also recognise that not everyone can listen to this high a resolution, so our widely acclaimed HEPTA sample rate converter allows delivery of hi-res files that retain much of the sonic integrity of the original recording. Small wonder that Pyramix plus Horus and/or Hapi has become the de-facto recording system in the world’s major concert venues and mastering houses.

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DSD impulse response

MERGING+NADAC and Hi-Res Downloads

Complete workflows apply in other situations. If you have the technology to make the best possible recordings, why not allow audio enthusiasts to enjoy the same quality at home. The recent availability of DSD, DXD and other quality download files, often in multichannel, provided the final impetus to push this development into reality.

MERGING+NADAC (Network Attached DAC) started the range of high-end audio products. The advantages of using an audio network are just as applicable to the home as to the studio. The MERGING+PLAYER now removes the computer from the living room; providing an elegant way to control a Roon core. Now, advanced accessory products like the MERGING+POWER and MERGING+CLOCK are available to complete the range and provide the ultimate audio reproduction.

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NADAC Audiophile

Multi speakers & 3D panning

Immersive Audio

The world now demands immersive experiences and audio is no exception. Merging has always embraced multichannel formats as they have emerged, so adapting Pyramix and Ovation to handle demands that went far beyond 5.1 was a natural evolution.

Adding a 3D panning engine that allows the size of the room to be set and having hundreds of busses to drive extraordinary numbers of loudspeakers is a logical development and demonstrates how Merging keeps ahead of the game. The emergence of specific formats like Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos play to our strengths as we have the tools to produce content for consumer delivery. Conversion to Binaural or higher-order Ambisonics are also easily completed and there are workflow solutions for broadcast and live replay systems.

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Audio Networking


The ANEMAN project was started in 2014 by Merging Technologies and Digigram to design an audio networking connection monitoring and management system based on the same values as Ravenna: simple, open and free. But the project eventually ended up to be target to an ecosystem much larger than RAVENNA: AES67. By allowing every manufacturer to write its own plug-in for ANEMAN, we do not mandate any specific protocol, and we allow devices already on the market to be easily managed by ANEMAN. This is why existing Merging customer using HORUS and HAPI for the last 4 years can benefit from ANEMAN at no cost.

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Power & Stability

Peer Recognized Stability

The most important requirement for any live event is that it works. If you are recording, your gear must not crash and if you are playing something back, it needs to run without interruption. The more tracks and busses you have, the more critical this becomes. Ask a Pyramix user why he trusts it to record the most prestigious concerts and you will be told that it is more stable than other well-known DAW products. Ask an Ovation user why he chose it and you will be told that it is switched on in the morning and shutdown in the evening 365 days per year. It just works.

MassCore systems can deliver eye watering track and buss counts without putting the project in jeopardy. It is no coincidence that Merging systems are regularly used for major sporting event opening and closing ceremonies, the most prestigious live television shows and the unique live gig recordings.

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