Software Packs

No matter what your workflow is, modern productions now rely on a combination of solutions.

Whether Pyramix takes centre stage or is a complement of your main tools, there is a Pyramix version perfectly suited for creating world-class products in any audio discipline.

In order to enhance portability which is so important, any project made on any pack of Pyramix will open and play on any pack.


This is the extremely affordable pack yet giving you access to a world you couldn’t explore before: “analog-like” digital audio (DSD/DXD).

This also includes our full 3D audio mixer including Ambisonic up to the 2nd order. (Ambisonic up to 7th order is available with as a paid option.)

Pyramix ELEMENTS is also the ideal companion to Ovation (bundled for free with Ovation PRO and PREMIUM) as our universal 3D rendering engine allows to create a custom room with specific speaker locations and distances to emulate a venue in your studio, which you can use to design audio cues which will be replayed by our live player and show sequencer, Ovation, on a much bigger speaker set (or a 3rd party rendering engine).

Pyramix ELEMENTS integrates seamlessly with the most popular studio controllers such as Avid S1 and Avid Control App.

Special Offer

When you purchase any Merging interface (Horus, Hapi, Anubis), you can choose between a free ELEMENTS pack of Pyramix or Ovation. This means that if you purchase a DSD/DXD enabled Merging interface, you not only get the most transparent interface in the world but also, at no extra cost, a complete solution including DAW to start experimenting to hear what “analog-like” digital audio can give you. See how to participate in this offer here.


When multitrack recording and/or editing becomes an important part of your workflow, Pyramix PRO is for you.

This allows you to record up to 96 channels.

Our Horus/ Hapi/ Anubis will naturally allow you to record amazing tracks onto the DAW of your choice. Whether they were recorded onto Pyramix or not, load them into Pyramix PRO and start enjoying the lightning fast and unique source/destination editing tool.

Pyramix PRO also provides invaluable sonic manipulation tools, metering and plugins to enable powerful mixing.

Naturally, this pack integrates with bigger controllers as well.


This is our flagship Pyramix. The perfect pack for those who decided to fully embrace no-compromise audio in order to focus their full attention onto the emotions of the music.

This is the one pack that enables professionals to deliver the masterpiece to music aficionados "en masse” (for example in Dolby Atmos).

Pyramix PREMIUM integrates with the biggest and most powerful controllers in the market, so it is very easy to maximise investments already made in your studio.


When latency starts to count and being able to rely on a stable, proprietary DSP engine is what your studio needs… MassCore is the answer.

MassCore is a hardware option that you can add to any Pyramix/Ovation software pack.

This is a Merging Technologies proprietary audio engine that runs in one or more dedicated cores of your CPU allowing near zero latencies and overrides track count limitations of your software pack:

  • 384 channels of I/O at 48kHz (96 channels at 192kHz)
  • 64 channels of I/O in DSD/DXD
  • Bus sizes of 384 channels (i.e.: for massive venues speaker layouts)

Connectivity of the MassCore engine is direct to RAVENNA.


All customers already having MassCore on previous versions will retain their MassCore version moving to their new pack. For those customers wanting to upgrade to a full MassCore on the 25th Anniversary version or above, please contact your Merging Sales partner.

Pyramix pack details

Pyramix Pack Details - 2021

Note concerning video support:

All Pyramix Packs excluding ELEMENTS will include Video support for the following formats and codecs:

  • Mov: ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422 Proxy, DV25, DV50, H264
  • Mp4: H264
  • MXF: DV25, DV50

Supported Optional codecs that come at an additional cost to the Pyramix pack:

Recommendations :

  • To avoid memory consumption and impact on audio performance, work with intra-frame proxy files whenever possible (DNxHD, ProRes, DV)
  • H264 and MPEG2 codecs are not recommended for editing (not intra frame)
  • MPEG2SD/IMX and MPEG2HD/XDCAM HD are supported by Pyramix in the .mov or .mxf file formats but not in .mpeg
  • Video files should be on separate drive, especially for heavy Pyramix projects
  • AVI and MPEG(or mpg) containers not supported.
  • 10bit DNxHD is not supported (performance issue)
    DNxHD 75-120 is currently not supported
  • H264 is an optional codec for Encoding that can be done via VCube Render only.
    Decoding H264 (playback) does not require any additional authorization key.

Pyramix Packs Plugins list

For information on what plugins are included in which packs, see the Pyramix Packs Plugin list on our knowledge base.