If you look closely at the design of modern IP networks and the way information moves around them, you can begin to see a close resemblance to the way in which we navigate the living, breathing world that we inhabit. Subnets become cities and countries and our IP address becomes a passport allowing us to travel where we are permitted within the digitized world..

Enter into the RAVENNA world.

Horus Networked Audio Interface


Horus might be one of the world’s most sonically transparent Mic Pre’s.

Horus might also be one of the most phenomenal AD/DA boxes on the market.

Horus could very well be the ultimate answer to anyone wanting Analogue/AES/MADI interconnectivity in the room they work in. It is a revolution in “bang for buck” technology and is set to become the defacto audio I/O device for the media industries...

But in reality Horus is much, much more:

Using RAVENNA technology, Horus brings to the table the possibility to interconnect your entire facility using nothing more than a standard RJ45 connector. Once in RAVENNA mode, the Horus box simply becomes a node on a network, one that can be instantly called to be an input, an output, or a combination of both. Whether you are in broadcast, TV and film, CD/SACD mastering, studio or live music recording, live events, theatres, museums, cruise ships, or any industry where you need audio to get from A to B (or A to B and C, or C to A and part of D, E, and F!).

Using standard network connections, switches and connectors, Horus and other RAVENNA-enabled devices can be placed on a network and interconnected

Horus Base Unit Features

Standard Connections (Base Unit)

  • 64 MADI I/O (Optical or Coaxial)
  • 24 AES/EBU I/O (on DSub 25)
  • RAVENNA I/O (on RJ45)
  • SYNC - LTC/MTC/VideoRef/Wck (requires CON-D15-VTC cable)
  • 6 option slots for AD8D/AD8DP and DA8/DA8P cards
  • 1 option slot for MADI expansion option

Optional Additions

  • AD8D and AD8DP standard and premium Mic/Line Input cards
  • DA8 and DA8P standard and premium Line Output cards
  • MADI expansion card delivering 64 additional MADI channels
  • Redundant power supply option
  • RS-422 and GPIO option card (In Development)


Premium and Standard option cards can be mixed in a Horus unit

Modular by Design

The ability to choose the amount of I/O that each Horus unit is capable of saves money without diminishing the level of quality. Choose to add any of the option modules to your Horus and create the ultimate audio interface for your studio, whatever the size. Once the Horus is fully loaded with option cards, it is capable of achieving an astonishing, simultaneous 176 inputs and 178 outputs @1FS.

Route Signal Anywhere

Horus has been designed so that any input can be routed to any amount of outputs as required.. at the same time. With comprehensive routing pages accessible both locally on the touchscreen and by remote access using a standard web browser, Horus is your answer to signal flow management in your studio.

Your RAVENNA passport, no matter where you come from

Pyramix users are of course our first love, but we are offering any DAW/NLE user the opportunity to take advantage of RAVENNA by using the ASIO (PC) / CoreAudio (MAC) drivers bundled with Horus. So, even if your tool of choice was not RAVENNA ready, it is now.

Green Built

For power-conscious users, Horus has been meticulously designed in order to keep consumption at an incredible minimum. A fully loaded Horus running all channels of phantom power will only draw about 60W, making it more affordable to run than your kitchen lights.

Not Just an Audio Protocol!

The RAVENNA RJ45 connection on the Horus allows for not only audio, but also control and sync information to flow through as well. Send timecodes, wordclock and even GPIO (GPIO currently in developement) directly to the Horus unit over the same network as your audio. The Ravenna port even provides for the remote control access to the configuration and entire routing of the unit itself!
Support for: LTC/MIDI/Video Ref/WCK

Check out the System Solution Pages for ideas on how Horus can be used with your DAW of choice