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“The World’s Best Analog Section and Converters... Full Stop.

After hundreds of comparison tests made by some of the world’s most “golden eared” engineers, we can say this with a strong sense of confidence.

The Networked Audio range of converters brings Swiss-precision and un-ending attention to detail in every single component and signal path and results in the most astonishing of record and reproduction signal paths of any audio interface or converter available today.”

James Ivey - Pro Tools Expert

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“Horus immediately impressed me with the build quality and ease of integration with my DAW. The routing, the control, plus the on-board I/O just make a stunning package which is equally at home in my studio or on the road. It’s a perfect partner for my Pro Tools system, but it all wouldn’t matter if it didn’t sound right. No question, this is the very best front-end I’ve used and it will be a part of many, many projects to come!”

John Weston – Futura Productions, Boston USA
(Pro Tools HD|X User)

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Get the Basic Overview

Whether you are using a portable Pro Tools Native or a full blown HD|X system from AVID, The Networked Audio range of interfaces (Horus & Hapi for the uninitiated) is the ultimate front end to one of the most common DAW’s on the market.

What is The Networked Audio Family?

In very small boxes (2U and 1U respectively), the members of this family of products provide some of the most sonically pristine audio I/O, professional-grade synchronisation I/O and a flexible and intuitive routing matrix and digital format converter all wrapped together in an interface which can be accessed from any web-enabled device.

All of these boxes also come standard with RAVENNA / AES67 connectivity. In the most basic of terms, what this means for the end user is that once you plug a Horus or Hapi into your studio network, you can then pick up any input and output from the unit on any other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on that same network.

Why is it so good for Pro Tools users?

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The best A to D conversion... Full stop.

After hundreds of tests made by some of the world’s most “golden eared” engineers, we can say this with a strong sense of confidence, as the Networked Audio family’s AD8D and AD8DP input cards keep coming out on top.

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Multi-format AD/DA and digital I/O

Not only is the Networked Audio range of interfaces perfect for recording and outputting analog signals, it is also an incredibly flexible format converter for MADI / AES / ADAT / SPDIF.

  • Horus (MADI & AES/EBU)
  • Hapi (AES / ADAT / SPDIF - MADI Optional)

Those werent the only reasons!

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Portable & studio applications

The Networked Audio family of converters pack an incredible punch in the studio and on the road. Whether you need a small amount of I/O in many places (Hapi) or the biggest “small” stage box in the world (Horus – with over 200 I/O!) Merging has the hardware for your Pro Tools setup.

Mic pre remote inside Pro Tools

Using a simple LAN connection, Pro Tools users can gain direct access to the AD8D/P A to D option cards, making session recalls and session setups a breeze!

Sync over Ethernet

Our Networked Audio interfaces carry I/O for LTC (SMPTE), MTC and a video reference (Black & Burst), which are distributed using the RAVENNA/AES67 connection; this means that with any Networked Audio model, sync for your studio can run to any number of DAW’s across the network with ease!

Find out about RAVENNA/AES67 & Pro Tools

Some ideas on what RAVENNA and AES67 could mean for your studio:

  • Share audio Inputs from a single live room without any patching
  • Connect multiple Horus or Hapi units at various locations (multiple live rooms) and record to a single (or multiple) DAW’s.
  • Run synchronisation (LTC/MTC) in a distributed fashion across your network to all the DAW’s in your studio
  • Run real time streams between the DAW’s in your studio without any patching.
  • Many many more ideas...

I/O connections to Pro Tools

Pro Tools HD|X & HD

With our PT64 card for Pro Tools HD™ Connectivity you can connect our converters using Digilink connectors.

Pro Tools Native

For more details on the I/O specifications refer to the page here

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