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Rusanda Panfili on working with Hans Zimmer and taking the classical world by storm

Rusanda Panfili is one of the most exciting talents in the world of classical music. To date, she has collaborated with the likes of Markus Schirmer, Aleksey Igudesman and Hans Zimmer, and is a soloist with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Mexico and the Moldovan and Romanian Symphonic Orchestras, among others. However, beyond the classical world, she is preparing to release her first album of original compositions later this year, an experimental body of work that splices all manner of instruments and genres. Here, she discusses her creative process and the Merging Technologies kit that is so essential to her workflow.

From an early age, Panfili displayed signs of musicality, captivating her parents with her innate sense of rhythm and movement. Her formal training began at the renowned music school 'George Enescu' in Bucharest, Romania, and continued in Vienna, where she completed her Masters. Throughout her career, Panfili drew inspiration from classical violinists such as Oistrach, Heifetz, and Milstein. Her musical influences expanded as she delved into Latin and electronic genres, which ignited her fascination with versatile rhythms and sound effects. Additionally, film composers like Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer profoundly influenced Panfili's artistic journey.

Panfili's collaboration with Hans Zimmer, a celebrated film composer, proved to be a pivotal experience. “I was amazed by how much freedom he was giving us. It felt like he lets be part of the music in a much deeper way than just playing the notes,” explains Panfili. “He has a magical excitement for details and sounds and is a generous and kind person who has shown me so much appreciation. Our journey together continually enriches my musical knowledge and creativity!”

Rusanda Panfili Rusanda Panfili

"With my frequent travel and session work, low latency is vital for delivering high-quality results, especially when working on film music. The Anubis not only enhances my violin sound but also provides exceptional preamps," says Panfili.

Panfili's introduction to Merging Technologies' products came while sharing a studio with her fiancé, a sound engineer and composer. Impressed by the quality of the Hapi device in their studio, she sought to replicate that excellence in her personal space. Through thorough research, Panfili discovered the perfect solution in the form of the compact and portable Anubis. With her frequent travel and session work, low latency was crucial for maintaining the highest quality results, particularly in film music. The Anubis not only enriched the sound of her violin but also offered exceptional preamps, further enhancing the overall audio experience.

Recognizing the importance of reliable and portable equipment, Panfili found that the Anubis perfectly suited her needs, allowing her to maintain high-quality recordings and performances even during her travels.

Rusanda Panfili Rusanda Panfili

"The complete chain of audio conversion and signal path is built without compromise and optimized for excellent sound, which you can hear instantly. The Anubis has enhanced my productivity and the quality of my work,” claims Panfili.

Within the Anubis, Panfili utilizes the Music Mission, which offers a user-friendly interface designed to enhance her creative process. The touch screen functionality and intuitive mixer layout provide seamless accessibility to essential features such as mic gain, reverb, and headphone or speaker volume control.

"I immediately fell in love with and still appreciate the touch screen and user-friendly mixer. Features such as mic gain, reverb, headphones or speaker volume are easily accessible and easy to adjust. The Anubis really simplifies technical aspects, allowing me to focus on my artistic expression.”

Rusanda Panfili with her Anubis Rusanda Panfili with her Anubis

She continues: “18 months ago, I began releasing my own compositions, and the Anubis played a crucial role in my creative process. When composing an anthem for CF Intercity, I crafted an epic track with over 100 layers, using the Anubis to play and record various instruments, drums, keys, violins, and to program electronic elements. This experience ignited my passion for original compositions, leading me to work on a futuristic album blending electronic elements."

Panfili's future holds exhilarating prospects as she prepares to embark on tour once again, serving as a soloist in two of Hans Zimmer's upcoming tours. The first tour, "The World Of Hans Zimmer," will take her across Europe, while the second, "Hans Zimmer Live," promises an extraordinary three-month journey alongside Zimmer himself. These tours not only offer Panfili an opportunity to showcase her exceptional violin skills but also provide her with invaluable experiences that will undoubtedly continue to shape her artistic growth.

Rusanda Panfili with Hapi and Pyramix Rusanda Panfili with Hapi and Pyramix

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