Astesuono Finds Horus The Ideal Partner

Grammy® Nominated Jazz and Acoustic specialist adds Horus to Pro Tools

Udine, Italy. September 2014: Artesuono studios has an enviable reputation as Italy’s best known venue for recording jazz and acoustic music. It has a long collaboration with ECM Records and with many other international labels and artists. Because of this, location recording has become a big part of the operation and involving travel across Europe. The recent addition of Merging Technologies’ Horus Networked Audio Interface fitted with 32 input channels has greatly improved the portability of the mobile rig whilst significantly improving the end results. Stefano Amerio, Artesuono’s owner and principal sound engineer, chose Horus for the quality of the microphone preamplifiers, the converters and the ease with which he can connect to his existing Avid Pro Tools HDX and HD3 Accel systems.

The Horus was supplied by VDM Distribution, part of the VDM group, official Merging distributors for Italy. The CEO, Igor Fiorini is also used to doing location recording work and was able to specify a system to meet the needs of Mr Amerio, who has recorded a remarkable 1500 albums and has more than 600 artists per year visiting the studio. Unsurprisingly, Stefano Amerio is constantly searching for the best equipment to capture unique live performances in world famous locations. The recent recordings made at the Musikverein in Vienna with bass clarinettist, Ulrich Dreshler and pianist, Stefano Battaglia witnessed the first result of the Horus/Pro Tools partnership. The ability to use a Horus in a travelling case connected via a Cat 6 cable to a MacBook Pro allows high sample rate recording using the CoreAudio driver with the easiest possible installation and extreme portability.

The search for the perfect converter to use on the road had taken some time as the requirement was to find a converter that was easily portable, had sufficient inputs and had “no-compromise” audio performance. All the microphones used in the recordings delivered superlative results, delivering a clean, warm and precise sound with sufficient headroom to manage the dynamics of the music. After completing a number of location sessions, Stefano Amerio wanted to use Horus in the studio as well. Summarised in a few words, Mr Amerio observed: “Amazing sounds; natural and dynamically perfect. Incredible and impossible to go back. Horus will be my main recording system far into the future.”

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Stephano Amerio with Horus

Mac Pro and Horus in the studio

Mac Pro and Horus close-up

Horus on Pro Tools screenshot