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Horus – A Major Advance In I/O Converter Technology

  IBC Sees The Launch Of Powerful Networked Device

Amsterdam 9th September 2011: Horus will make its sensational debut on Stand #6.C29 at the IBC Convention. Horus has been designed as stand-alone converter of the highest quality, but its utility is hugely increased by becoming an IP “node” on a RAVENNA network. Combined with Merging’s MassCore, performance and flexibility takes on another dimension and allows comprehensive routing and control of the astonishing I/O capability of the converter. Horus contains high quality microphone pre-amplifiers, AES/EBU and/or MADI conversion in both directions with full remote control of all the parameters. The sheer quality and capability of Horus is a “must see and hear” for any broadcaster or recording engineer.

Looking at the features of Horus in more detail reveals how much has been condensed into such a small form factor:

  • “Classic” Analogue to AES/EBU and/or MADI conversion
  • “Classic” AES/EBU and/or MADI to Analogue conversion
  • Up to 24 channels of highest quality mic/line inputs and line level outputs
  • Gain, mic/line or phantom power can be selected on a per-channel basis
  • 480 x 282 pixel touchscreen TFT
  • RAVENNA Ethernet port provides 176 I/O@1Fs
  • Supports PCM sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz and 1.2mHz DSD


  • It becomes an IP “node” fully configurable from one Ethernet cable
  • Allows routing on an 8 channel granularity level of up to 128 channels of MADI, 24 channels of AES/EBU and 24 channels of analogue to/from Ethernet
  • Allows routing in parallel analogue to AES/EBU, MADI and Ethernet (and vice versa)

This highly scalable solution has applications right across the industry from the simplest location recording and mastering to major broadcast facilities, OB vans, live sound and large installation projects. Ease of installation and set-up makes Horus an obvious choice by saving large quantities of cable, minimising rack space and increasing reliability.

Emphasising Merging Technologies’ strategy, CEO Claude Cellier commented; “The combination of Horus, MassCore and RAVENNA really changes the game in terms of cost/performance and flexibility. We see Horus as the first of a new family of products to support this core technology which will have universal appeal to professionals in any sector of the audio community”.

Merging Technologies has chosen to be a RAVENNA partner because it offers the best combination of defined standards and key pro-audio features, to find out more, visit

    Horus AD/DA networkable converter

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