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Merging Technologies Announce Prize Draw At AES Europe

 Guess The Maximum Number Of Tracks Pyramix Can Play At AES & Win Prizes!

Munich, Germany, May 2009: Merging Technologies, makers of the Pyramix digital audio workstation, are running a free prize draw for visitors to the AES show in Munich. The draw may be entered by visiting Merging's stand at the show, and entrants will be asked to guess how many tracks the latest version of Pyramix is now capable of playing back simultaneously.

According to Merging founder and Managing Director Claude Cellier, the recently introduced MassCore processing engine and the latest streamlined version 6.1 Pyramix software has made a huge difference to Pyramix's recording and playback track count — so much so that Merging's engineers undertook some demanding tests recently to see just what the DAW was now capable of. "We decided to really put Pyramix through its paces," claims Cellier. "We used 88.2kHz files, highly edited and containing unrendered real-time crossfades, just as you might find in the kind of classical recording project many of our users are involved in. We also arranged the files on our test system's dual solid-state playback drives in the most demanding way we could think of, with one discrete audio file per track in the project. Now we'd like to see if visitors to the AES can guess how many tracks the system was capable of playing back safely under these tough conditions!"

The Pyramix Track Count prize draw will be open throughout the AES show. On the last day of the show, the three entrants who have most accurately guessed the maximum track count achieved by Pyramix during Merging's demanding tests will be declared the winners. The first two winners will be offered free Pyramix upgrades if they are already Pyramix users, or free copies of the Native versions of Pyramix if not. The third-prize winner will take away some bottles of fine Swiss wine.

"Of course, very high track counts aren't important to every Pyramix user," adds Claude Cellier. "But we think our test figures are an excellent demonstration of the stability and reliability of Pyramix under difficult real-world conditions. So come and take a guess at what this system is capable of! We look forward to meeting you on the Merging stand at AES."


  Guess The Maximum Number Of Tracks Pyramix Can Play?