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Pyramix v6.1 Debuts At AES Europe

Merging Technologies To Demonstrate Update To DAW In Munich

Munich, Germany, May 2009: Merging Technologies, the highly regarded manufacturers of computer-based digital audio workstations, video playback and cue triggering systems, will be showing the latest update to their Pyramix DAW at this year's AES exhibition in Munich (running from May 8-10, 2009).

Many user-friendly features make their debut in Pyramix version 6.1, a great number of them the result of Pyramix user requests, and some of them made possible by the extra processing power afforded by Pyramix's recently introduced MassCore processing engine. Sample-rate conversion of files can now take place in real time, permitting the playback of audio files recorded at a different sample rate to that of the main project without the need for an off-line sample-rate conversion first.  The audio at the different rate is thereby guaranteed to play back at the correct speed and for the right duration, despite its different sample rate.

Other much-requested features introduced in this update include the MT ASIO Bridge, which allows the output from ASIO audio applications to be input directly into Pyramix’s mix engine and vice versa, zero-latency direct monitoring for musicians when overdubbing, a peak logger which notes and time-stamps waveform levels above a user-definable threshold on a track-by-track basis, and a new colour scheme for the fader caps in Pyramix's mixer which allows users to determine mixer channel type (whether an input channel, effects return, aux send, or master) at a glance. Reflecting its wide use in live concert recording applications, and recognising that accidents do happen, Pyramix now also has a Safety Recording mode which disables the on-screen transport controls, thus ensuring that live recordings cannot be interrupted by accidental mouse movements or ill-timed knocks to the DAW's keyboard. Finally, the v6.1 update sees the debut of a new, highly efficient Pyramix waveform display file format, .PK2, which allows the workstation to display waveforms in real time as they are being recorded. Real-time waveform display is available for all audio formats, from straightforward 16-bit PCM to high-resolution DXD and 1-bit DSD files.

For more information on these and the many other improvements and new features in Pyramix v6.1, see or come to the Merging Technologies stand during AES, where Merging staff will be demonstrating the update and answering questions throughout the show.


  The new-look Mixer in version 6.1 of Pyramix