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Sound One Keeps Faith In VCube

  New York’s Famous Post House Updates Mixing Stages

London, July 9th 2012: A chance meeting at a 2001 trade show started a relationship that has survived the decade. Sound One, New York’s major audio post production facility, and a division of CSS Studios, was already using digital audio equipment but the workflow was still linear. Pyramix and other audio workstations could dramatically improve the speed of working with audio but the picture was still very slow. A non-linear solution to that problem was urgently needed. A conversation with Claude Cellier and Dominique Brulhart, Merging Technologies’ President and Head of Software Development, was to change that. Three months later, the first VCube was installed in a mixing stage at Sound One.

Chief Engineer, Avi Laniado takes up the story; "It was a revelation as we finally had a machine that behaved like a VCR but with instant access. In addition, it had proper machine control so you could play it forwards and backwards at various speeds and still get a great picture. It struck us that Merging listened to what the market needed and delivered something that really worked. Over the years, they continued to do so. Now we can work in HD and throw any type of file at VCube and it can handle it. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed a great relationship with Merging and their local distributors, Independent Audio." Now all four major mixing stages at Sound One have been upgraded and are operating with VCube. Avi adds; "It is unusual to have a ten year love affair with a piece of technology, but we can say that is truly the case with VCube."

Avi Laniado, chief engineer at Sound One studios     Avi Laniado, chief engineer at Sound One studios
Sound One studios     Sound One studios

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