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TVA Goes For Ovation

  Montreal broadcaster selects Merging’s Ovation for audio playback

Puidoux, 11th April 2012: Merging Technologies returns to NAB booth #C3239 with another endorsement from a significant broadcaster in North America. French-Canadian broadcaster TVA has installed an Ovation MassCore Silver unit with a USB hot keyboard. Already firmly established as the superior media server and sequencer with many major European broadcasters, Ovation is gaining a firm foothold in the North American market. Orders just received in the past few weeks from one of the top broadcast companies in the USA gives further credibility to this choice.

"When I first saw the demo of the Ovation System at Sonotechnique in Montreal, I immediately saw what would be the replacement to our old Digicart machines. It was doing everything we were looking for: 5.1 and stereo cue playback, multiple simultaneous cue playout, file based audio ingest, multiple wrapper and audio codec support, ease of use, built in audio editor, IP network friendly, exellent feature/price ratio.” commented Jean-Luc Sauvageau, Senior Audio Engineer at TVA. “We have just installed our first system and started using it even before we received training from the distributor.”

The current plan is to use Ovation to fulfill all the needs for audio playback, whether live or automated, news cast, drama production, game show or variety show. The idea is to replace all other audio playback devices over a period of time.

Ovation 3.0 has already established its credentials in a variety of critical live applications where the ability to program and easily edit cues is mandatory. This includes theme parks, theatres, live venues and large installations. It is no surprise to find Ovation in critical playout situations in broadcast. OB trucks in particular have found the Ovation to be the perfect answer to live audio playback during a show. The same holds true for on air studio applications where absolute reliability and ease of use are the highest priorities.

    French-Canadian broadcaster TVA has installed an Ovation MassCore Silver unit with a USB hot keyboard.

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About TVA

TVA, a subsidiary of Quebecor Media, is the most important French speaking private broadcaster in Canada. TVA owns and operates the TVA Network and 8 specialty channels. It is distributed over cable and satellite everywhere in Canada as part as the base service.