Following with pure DSD workflows to the SACD master requires the power and finesse of Pyramix. The only DAW in the world able to provide a complete SACD production toolkit, Pyramix MassCore shows it capabilities for sonic precision, power and elegance with every award winning DSD/SACD project.

Pyramix MassCore + Horus

For samplerates above 192 kHz, MassCore is an absolute necessity. To be able to run 48 audio tracks on a single timeline with the resolution of 256 times that of a CD take more power than any other DAW could ever dream of producing, but with the MassCore audio engine this becomes reality. Adding Horus to the equation using the RAVENNA network means that this power can instantly be shared across standard GB networks.
Achieve the ultimate in elgance and refined sonic reproduction in SACD Mastering with the best in the business.

System Features and Benefits


  • Multiple, simultaneous recordings
  • Edit while in record
  • Record up to 48 tracks @ DSD256/DXD
  • Take logging window
  • Media based Markers


  • SACD Masters from any samplerate
  • Use Mix Mode or Render mode for Masters
  • Hepta SRC algorithm
  • Album publishing for digital release
  • MP3/AAC/FLAC/Ogg/WAV/BWF/DSD masters
  • Full ISRC code editing support
  • Fully editable SACD text metadata
  • Multiple SACD masters in one timeline
  • Complete SACD authoring toolkit


  • Source and Destination editing
  • Sample accurate fade editor
  • Custom fade curves
  • Run DSD in DXD editing projects
  • Cedar noise reduction tools
  • Algorithmix denoise tools

Example System Diagrams

SACD Mastering News & Use Cases

News Story: Merging Technologies At NAB 2018

NAB 2018 will continue to feature the importance of IP technology as was the case at IBC and NAB 2017. Merging Technologies was one of the early adopters, incorporating AoIP into its hardware products in 2012. The choice of RAVENNA as the most flexible and broadcast-friendly of the protocols on offer, proved to be a wise choice as AES67 compliance was a simple task once the standard had been agreed. Merging was a keen supporter of the MNA during its period of relevance and has now migrated to the support of AIMS which supported AES67 and ST2110 from the beginning.

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News Story: ProStudioMasters and McGill University Use Merging Technologies For Key Audio Research Project

The vexing question of whether high resolution audio formats really make a difference may get a more definitive answer in the near future. A formidable team of expertise from ProStudioMasters and McGill University embarked on an extraordinarily thorough experiment of recording a widely diverse series of concerts and studio sessions in all popular digital recording formats. One of the challenges was to ensure that all the recordings could be captured on identical equipment; the only differences being the bit rates and the sampling rates. It was apparent that there was only one company that could provide a simple and effective solution; Merging Technologies.

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News Story: IBC Was An IP Showcase For Merging Technologies

Merging Technologies continues to show leadership in audio networking with its highly successful Horus and Hapi interfaces, ANEMAN network management software and OEM AES67 solutions with ZMan.

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