Ever since the advent of DAW technology, people have been balancing the loss of analogue dynamic range, resolution and sonic perception with that of the ease and convenience of non-linear DAW based production. But, a select few have started to realize that this compromise no longer needs to be considered. Using DSD256 and DXD with Pyramix MassCore means that you can get all of the convenience of a digital workflow along with the impact of the analogue reproduction of DSD and DXD.

No matter what music you are working on, using DSD256 and DXD workflows with Pyramix MassCore will produce astonishing improvements to your end product.

Pyramix MassCore + Horus

Imagine the sonics of a Studer-A820, without the need to look at bias or azimuth alignment or razor blade ever again. In just 4U of rack space Merging Technologies is able to deliver a 48track Recording, Editing and mixing workstation that comes closer to replicating that 'analogue sound' than any other technology on the planet. Your ears will immediately realize the potential of DSD256 and DXD workflows.

System Features and Benefits


  • 48 track recording with MicPre’s
  • Edit while in record
  • Record pre-buffering
  • Take logging window
  • Media-based markers with ratings
  • Also 96 tracks @192kHz
  • Or 384 tracks @ 44.1kHz


  • Edit DSD256 seamlessly
  • Sample accurate Fade Editor
  • Take management and search
  • Source and Destination Editing
  • Macro Editor
  • Cedar noise reduction tools


  • Simultaneous stereo and multichannel mixing
  • Full complement of EQ’s, Dynamics and Effects
  • Use Direct I/O to mix on an Analogue Console
  • 9pin/LTC/MTC/Bi-phase master/slave support
  • Automation versioning/history


  • Create SACD or CD masters from DSD/DXD timelines
  • Hepta SRC algorithm for masters at any samplerate
  • Album publishing for digital releases
  • Mastering direct from multichannel timeline

Example System Diagrams

DSD256 Music News & Use Cases

News Story: Movement Tracks Project Is A Finalist At South By Southwest

A truly international cooperation has seen a radical new Biomedical Music™project nominated as a finalist at this prestigious event. On February 8, South by Southwest (SXSW) announced the Movement Tracks Project as a finalist for their Interactive Innovation Awards, which honor ground-breaking advancements from 2017.

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News Story: ManAlive Goes Overboard For Merging Technologies

A successful band setting up a studio is not particularly noteworthy, but when it is set up to record in DSD and features a 4K video stage, this is clearly unusual. Furthermore, this brand new facility is located on Nashville’s doorstep which is home to many famous studios, suggesting this is a bold move. DSD recording is relatively unusual for a conventional studio, although commonplace in the classical recording world with the majority of concert halls and opera houses being so equipped. This is no ordinary studio but, regardless of musical genre, DSD means Merging Technologies and in this case Pyramix MassCore with 2 Horus Networked Audio Converters.

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News Story: AuRender Joins RAVENNA community

Merging Technologies, manufacturer of MERGING+NADAC, MERGING+PLAYER and MERGING+POWER is delighted to announce that it will be showing an Aurender X100 Music Server directly connected to a RAVENNA AoIP network and using a MERGING+NADAC as the DAC. This demonstration will be hosted in the joint Merging Technologies/Terrason room 255 at the Norddeutscher Hi Fi Tage in Hamburg. This important event for Northern Germany takes place February 3 – 4 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hamburg Elbbrücken.

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User Story: Merging Technologies | Use Case | Morten Lindberg, 2L

Morten Lindberg sets new standards for recording and the delivery of high resolution audio to music lovers. Horus and now Hapi, are key elements of the Pyramix DXD recording system used by 2L. Read about this and other innovations that result in 9.1 Auro 3D recordings.

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