Classical music is a special case where attention to detail and precision editing means more to the success or failure of the end product. That is why, the world over, award winning classical productions, from full orchestral pieces to intimate chamber recordings are made using the ultimate classical tool, Pyramix Virtual Studio.

Pyramix MassCore + Horus

Pyramix Native + Horus

The ultimate combination for classical production. Get more power, higher samplerates, better sound and more flexibility than any other workstation can provide.

For smaller systems and ultimate portability, Pyramix Native and Horus provide a 48 Mic/Pre recording rig that can fit in your carry-on luggage. A professional solution for engineers who need a small system footprint with big system

System Features and Benefits


  • RAVENNA CAT5E cabling for ease of setup
  • Take Logging tool
  • Sizable take information window
  • Record Take Pre-Buffering
  • Media-based Markers with User Ratings
  • Safety record features
  • 44.1 kHz to DXD and DSD64/128/256


  • Source and Destination Editing
  • Sample Accurate Fade Editor
  • Macro Editor
  • Asymmetric Cross-Fades
  • Take search and management tool
  • Take grouping
  • Cedar Noise Reduction Tools


  • Mono, Stereo, Multichannel Mixing (Simultaneous)
  • VS3 and VST support
  • Pannoir Delay-based Panner
  • Final Check True Peak/VU/Loudness Metering
  • Comprehensive monitoring control panel
  • Faster than real-time bounce/mixdown
  • Automation versioning


  • "From Timeline" CD and SACD Mastering
  • Mastering-Grade plugins provided
  • Album publishing for digital downloads
  • Multiple CD masters from one timeline
  • Auto-SRC at mixdown (Master at any samplerate!)

Example System Diagrams

Classical Music Production News & Use Cases

News Story: Merging Technologies At NAB 2018

NAB 2018 will continue to feature the importance of IP technology as was the case at IBC and NAB 2017. Merging Technologies was one of the early adopters, incorporating AoIP into its hardware products in 2012. The choice of RAVENNA as the most flexible and broadcast-friendly of the protocols on offer, proved to be a wise choice as AES67 compliance was a simple task once the standard had been agreed. Merging was a keen supporter of the MNA during its period of relevance and has now migrated to the support of AIMS which supported AES67 and ST2110 from the beginning.

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News Story: Movement Tracks Project Is A Finalist At South By Southwest

A truly international cooperation has seen a radical new Biomedical Music™project nominated as a finalist at this prestigious event. On February 8, South by Southwest (SXSW) announced the Movement Tracks Project as a finalist for their Interactive Innovation Awards, which honor ground-breaking advancements from 2017.

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News Story: ManAlive Goes Overboard For Merging Technologies

A successful band setting up a studio is not particularly noteworthy, but when it is set up to record in DSD and features a 4K video stage, this is clearly unusual. Furthermore, this brand new facility is located on Nashville’s doorstep which is home to many famous studios, suggesting this is a bold move. DSD recording is relatively unusual for a conventional studio, although commonplace in the classical recording world with the majority of concert halls and opera houses being so equipped. This is no ordinary studio but, regardless of musical genre, DSD means Merging Technologies and in this case Pyramix MassCore with 2 Horus Networked Audio Converters.

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User Story: Merging Technologies | Use Case | Marc Pasteau, Kali Son

Kali Son found numerous advantages in adding Horus to their existing Pyramix based recording system. A busy European schedule of concert recordings and webcasts needed a reliable solution.

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User Story: Merging Technologies | Use Case | Tomas Martin, Studio Macac

Studio Macac is a newly re-equipped studio in a beautiful building. Horus is an essential component there.

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User Story: Merging Technologies | Use Case | Morten Lindberg, 2L

Morten Lindberg sets new standards for recording and the delivery of high resolution audio to music lovers. Horus and now Hapi, are key elements of the Pyramix DXD recording system used by 2L. Read about this and other innovations that result in 9.1 Auro 3D recordings.

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