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May 2011 - Issue 19

New software, big news, incredible projects, world-class studios and a whole lot more! The Merging Insider is bringing it all to you this month. Here at Merging Technologies, locked away in the mountains around Lake Geneva, we endeavour to bring you the most up to date information about all our products and how people are using them around the globe. Make sure to read right to the bottom or you might miss something that could make your business better. Find out all the tricks and features that are making Merging Products some of the best out there.


Johan Wadsten - Product Manager

VCube Essentials

The must-have for any post customer...

A new VCube Product? Yup, that is right. We have thought long and hard about a way in which we can modernize our Video options when working with a Pyramix system, and at the same time be able to offer what the competition can and more, without making customers fork out huge sums of money. So we bring you VCube Essentials.

VCube Essentials is a new way of packaging VCube LE for users who wish to run the industry acclaimed video player with Pyramix, and Pyramix alone. It is a VCube package that contains the exact same feature set as a VCube LE, and is available ONLY to Pyramix customers, for them to run the application on their Pyramix system.

Now, you can load multiple videos at once, edit and make changes to picture cuts! Basically you can enjoy all the same features that some other DAW’s can provide with their video options. But, we can then also offer support for multiple codecs/aspect ratios/file types on the same timeline, picture in picture playback, and standard use of OMF video import. Huge.

VCube Essentials will be available starting with upcoming Pyramix v7.1 for users with Music, Mastering or Post packs. Broadcast pack users will need to upgrade first to take advantage of this new product.

QuickTime Player News

It is time to put this option out to pasture. So long little fella...

After much deliberation here at Merging, we have finally decided to end the sales of the QuickTime Player. It is due to fairly boring internal reasons that would put even an insomniac to sleep, but it is happening nonetheless. So, effective immediately, the PSO-QTS option is no longer available for sale. Also, we are going to begin to consider QuickTime Player as a legacy option in any existing system as well, with the upcoming release of Pyramix 7.1

But we would not think for a second of leaving you without a way forward.

Also effective immediately, we will be offering ANY user who currently has the QuickTime Player option, to purchase our new VCube Essentials for €100 / $150 (SRP)!

How’s that for a deal?

INFOCOMM USA, June 15-17, 2011

Your chance to meet Ovation in the US

We will be exhibiting a special “Merging Technologies – Ovation” stand here. It is probably the world's BIGGEST events/installation/live conference and it is definitely worth checking out if you are in the neighbourhood. We will have the full Ovation Product Range on hand, including the TangOvation control surface integrated with Ovation. Helping out with this is our representatives in the USA, Independent Audio.

Location: Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando, Florida. STAND 162


Link to invite people to register for passes (for anyone who wants to attend!)

User Stories #1

...Bob Ludwig

What a magnificent start!

We are very pleased and proud to open our User Stories series with a neat video of Mr. Bob Ludwig, one of the most respected mastering engineers in the industry, telling us what he thinks about Pyramix!

The first rule in mastering is to do no harm, and so the fact that you could record to it (Pyramix) and when you played it back it sounded like what you put into it.. that's a big plus..

Watch the video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li9WEUS-W08

For the full Merging User Story, click here

And for the next user stories, don't be shy, we'd love to hear yours!

In Closing

As with all of these newletters, if you have any queries or comments, or if you have any stories which you would like to contribute, please respond to this mail whenever you get a chance to as we would love to hear from all of you.

Thanks again,

The Merging Team