Issue 26  -  2013


Dear Merging Users,

2013 is off to a flying start here at the Merging office. We have been tucked away under a blanket of Swiss snow, but still working hard to make this year one of our best yet! We’ve got upcoming conferences, demos, new users around the world and much more. All of this is contained in the links below, so we would love it if you found the time in your busy day to have a peek at all the things we have been up to. The release of our new major software versions for Pyramix VCube and Ovation has meant that we are busy getting everyone covered by our ASM (Annual Software Maintenance) updated and starting to use the great new features in the tools they use every day. We have had so much positive feedback and we can’t thank you all enough for your continued support and encouragement. This year is going to be a big software year, so stay tuned to further developments as 2013 progresses.

As usual if you have any feedback about any of our stories, feel free to email back, post on our Merging Inside blog or comment on the Merging forum.

Happy 2013!

The Merging Team.

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Press releases published since last Merging Inside newsletter.

Ovation Installed In Tojhusmuseet
The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum reopens with complex A/V installation 

Ovation Strikes Gold
Queensland’s prestigious Arts Centre are loving this intuitive solution 

The Mermaid Loves An Ovation
Poland’s home of musical revue updates playout system 

Ovation Gets Ahead of Steam
Merging's Media Server shows the way on historic railroad 

Ovation for Yukunkun
Beirut’s new club finds Merging offers the perfect solution 

Portable Heaven For Noises Off
New innovative venture chooses Horus and Pyramix for Songs of Praise recording blog blog

Blog entries published since last Merging Inside newsletter.

WATCHOUT and Ovation Youtube Video up!
Simple and yet flexible sync mechanism between the Dataton WATCHOUT video server and our Ovation Media Server and Sequencer.  

Pyramix and Horus at NAMM 2013
Featuring Pyramix Native and Horus, all connected using our ASIO/RAVENNA drivers.  

ISE 2013
Ovation4 Media Server and Sequencer on display  

We Have a Winner!
During the recent Tonmeistertagung in Cologne, Germany our local distributor (Digital Audio Services) organized a raffle with three pretty immense prizes.  

Pyramix8 – Get Speedy with a fresh Database
Pyramix Media Manager Database file cleanup tip  

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Videos uploaded to Youtube since last Merging Inside newsletter.

Ovation and WATCHOUT Sync
Short video on the sync mechanism between WATCHOUT from Dataton AB and the Ovation Media Server and Sequencer.

panNoir Advanced Panning plugin from Merging Technologies
Pannoir can possibly be the most revolutionary, yet simply manipulated panning plugin to hit the market in ages.