When Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW and the Horus Networked Audio AD/DA Converter and Mic Preamp get together, the power they encapsulate is creating a new benchmark for achievable productions in every industry from post-production for film and TV to classical music production and CD/SACD mastering.

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Pyramix Virtual Studio

The Digital Audio Workstation for the Networking Age.

Pyramix has been specifically designed to allow users to bring a new level of quality and precision to their daily tasks. No matter what workflow, the Digital Audio Workstation from Merging Technologies provides a comprehensive toolset allowing for the most sophisticated and powerful of tasks to be easily achieved.

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Networked ADDA Interface and Microphone Pre-amplifier

Used as the proprietary I/O for Merging Software system, or as an integrated ADDA and Mic-pre for any 3rd party software, Horus is THE new benchmark in audio interface technology. Mixing the most astounding level of quality in mic-pre and AD/DA signal design and unrivalled connectivity possibilities using RAVENNA AoIP technology into the most powerful 2U box on the market today, Horus has an almost limitless set of workflow possibilities.

And, on top of all that, Horus is also now officially the world’s highest resolution ADDA, being able to deliver a 256FS (11.2mHz – DSD256) A/D and D/A conversion. Contact your local Merging Representative to get a demo today.

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Merging Solutions

Perfect Workflow combinations with Pyramix and Horus

Whatever your day to day work involves, Merging Technologies is proud to be able to provide a streamlined workflow and a concise set of tools to speed up your production and vastly increase the quality of your output.

Pyramix and Horus for CD Mastering
Pyramix and Horus for Classical Music Production
Pyramix and Horus for DSD256 Music Production
Pyramix and Horus for Live Event Recording
Pyramix and Horus for TV and Cinema Post